I agree with Marc Andreessen. IT'S TIME TO BUILD.

We need to build the solutions we want to see in the world.
We need to have the courage and conviction to tackle the hard problems we are all currently facing.

If we could create dozens of electric scooter companies almost overnight and distribute those products onto every street corner across the globe, we should be able to do that with Masks, PPE, etc.

1. The markets have the money, but are they willing to invest in the companies, teams and solutions that help everyone?
2. Humans have the creativity and skills, but do we have the humanity to create solutions for the greater good?
3. Public and Private Sector leaders have the authority to make the changes we need, but do they have the courage to do what is right for all stakeholders and not just their direct shareholders/voters.

I believe that we all will work together to overcome our current challenges and BUILD the solutions we need to solve the problems of today and properly prepare for our collective future.