LEED Specific CEU offered: Find and Select Better Materials for LEED Projects with ecomedes

What you will learn:
• How to drastically reduce the time it takes to search for the best materials for your LEED or green building project
• How to expertly streamline Green Procurement
• How to list a product
• How to automate a product's LEED documentation process with one click
• How to promote a product as "Verified for LEED"
• How to streamline the documentation and reporting
• About GBCI's Better Materials Initiative and its Unified Search feature
• How to navigate materialsforleed.ecomedes.com
• Improve your data fidelity and streamline sales

Who will benefit:
Architects, designers, facility managers and anyone who is in charge of selecting materials and products for a healthy, sustainable, high performance spaces
• Manufacturers, vendors and distributors that have materials and products for green buildings

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