My Climate Journey Startup Series: ecomedes

February 1, 2022

Startup Series: ecomedes

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ecomedes is a startup working on reducing the cost, energy and impact of commercial buildings. Commercial buildings represent a staggering environmental footprint: they consume 70% of electricity generated; produce 40% of emissions; and use 17% of water supplies. The Gates Foundation found that the rate of construction pre-pandemic was equivalent to building a new New York City every month for the next forty years. ecomedes works to make commercial buildings more sustainable by serving as a product catalog, connecting standards (LEED, et al.) and product certifiers with sellers, vendors and brands. By providing a centralized source of truth for sustainable procurement, ecomedes is lowering the environmental impact of commercial buildings.

CEO Kathleen Egan walks me through a company overview and how ecomedes is helping to address the environmental footprint of commercial properties.