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Delivering Sustainability Inside; Celebrating Earth Day Outside

At ecomedes, we have a passion for saving the planet AND spending time outdoors enjoying it. To celebrate Earth Day, we’re sharing how some of our team members spend time in the great outdoors.

Paul: “My family loves boating in Florida. We enjoy exploring the wide variety of different waterways and ecosystems that we are fortunate to have access to. We trailer our boat down to the Florida Keys in the Summer to enjoy a week of diving, snorkeling, fishing.”

Maiah: “Backpacking, handsdown. It’s the best way to get out into the backcountry and be fully immersed by nature without any traces of civilization. Well… except the trails of course, unless you’re like me and find yourself accidentally off trail more frequently than I’d like to admit. If there’s trout fishing involved, even better!”

Mike: “While we love the beach and the water, we are landlocked here in Atlanta. (Lakes don’t count) So our family enjoys biking and exploring around Atlanta. We get to see many different neighborhoods, parks, restaurants and local shops.”

Carolyn: “My favorite thing to do outdoors would have to be going for walks with my dog. Everyday I walk my dog no matter the weather and love seeing the changing of the seasons over the year.”

Haley: “I love hiking and running outdoors! I make it a goal to find new plants or animals I’ve never seen before when I’m hiking, especially when traveling! I’m incredibly passionate and curious about animals, ecosystems, and habitat dynamics so running or hiking in untouched places is where you’ll find me the happiest!”

Brian: I enjoy hiking. It is a great way to clear the mind and recharge the batteries

Kathleen: Anything that gets my blood and adrenaline pumping. Surfing and skiing are my favorite things to do outside and they do double duty as a work out and therapy. It’s impossible to sweat the small stuff when surfing and tracking an 8 foot wall of water coming over your head. Or when skiing and contemplating a 30 foot cliff drop looming below you just waiting for a misplaced edge.

Hung: Really getting outdoors and having my eyes focus further than 20ft. Nothing releases stress faster than the beauty and wonders of our living planet. Pass it on.

Marni: Gardening till I drop, and random encounters with nature while doing so. Birds, bees, bear cubs - you name it - but maybe not black flies.


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