Improve your Brand's Visibility with Federal Buyers: SFTool Product Search Training for Manufacturers, Ecolabels and Vendors

Benefits delivered:
• Simplify Sustainable Sales
• Streamline Green Procurement
• Support Distributors & Vendors
• Enhance your brand’s positioning
• Improve your data fidelity
• Streamline the documentation
• Learn which ecolabels enable your product compliance

Topics covered:
Learn how the consolidates high-performance building guidance into a single powerful resource
• Learn which ecolabels you should have for your products
Find ways to simplify sustainable sales and streamline green procurement for federal buyers and project teams.
Support your Distributor and Vendor Teams
Enhance your brand’s data fidelity within the platform
Review of the SFTool Data Enrichment Program
In-depth training on the features within this platform

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• Leverage the Powerful Product Search & Discovery Engine
• Effortlessly Calculate ROI, Energy and Water Savings Potential
• Create Procurement/Project level Documentation

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