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A solid surface company in over 55 countries, Durasein fuels creativity through everything they do and are friendly advocates of the environment and of budgets. Their brand launch to the U.S. market a few years back leaned heavily on a digital-first marketing strategy. They looked to cast as wide of a *digital* net as possible to meet their new U.S. customers — commercial A&D pros, procurement teams, and specifiers — throughout the many phases of their buying journey.



The effectiveness of many digital marketing options within the industry left Durasein missing the mark on their primary goals in 1) reaching a very targeted commercial A&D audience, 2) staying in top-of-mind throughout the entirety of these buyers’ journey and 3) measurable results. It was also difficult to find a platform that supported Durasein's marketing while also offering management and easy access to product-level environmental information to support Durasein sales teams and their customers.


THE SOLUTION From first introduction to specification and acquisition, Durasein looked to Mortarr to introduce their brand and products to a targeted community of commercial industry pros. A customized Mortarr+ plan was created, leveraging Mortarr’s full suite of marketing automation tools, channels and specialized campaigns that inspire, educate, and excite their target market to take action with Durasein.


In early 2022, Durasein added the ecomedes portal to their repertoire, organizing and enriching their product catalog and Mortarr profile with sustainability detail that allowed their internal teams and customers the information they need to meet growing ESG requirements for various building projects. 


The ease of this 3-in-one digital offering delivered the Durasein brand to various A&D buyer networks across Mortarr and ecomedes channels.

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The use of custom email segmentation through Mortarr’s network commercial buyers supports Durasein’s digital-first and inbound strategy, putting their brand in front of hundreds of thousands of target buyers as the go-to BPM for solid surfaces.



Durasein leverages a multitude of featured placement opportunities on Mortarr to boost their profile traffic exponentially. Embedded right within their subscription, this is just routine marketing automation at work for the brand every month!



Their product display on Mortarr – and expansion to ecomedes’ networks in 2022 – creates a frictionless digital experience for their A&D buyers, with quick access to not only inspiration, but product actions and green data that supports more sustainable procurement decisions.

*Data reflects a 12-month reporting periood

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"Mortarr’s reach and content has grown exponentially, further solidifying the Durasein brand into a community we want to touch…We have not seen more consistent results on any digital platform like we have on Mortarr."
- Marketing Director
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