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MillerKnoll is a more than 100-year-old company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service, and the health and well-being of their customers and their employees. Innovative ways to improve the performance of their customers’ organizations have become the firm’s hallmark.



Initially as Herman Miller, they had earned certifications from over ten different ecolabels and product declarations across seven major brands. To meet customer needs for guidance and documentation across this maze of data, Herman Miller needed a solution that would support their sales process and make the information easily digestible and accessible. 


Their industry-shaking acquisition of Knoll in 2021 only heightened the need for this automated cloud-based solution for their product cataloging and data management.



The ecomedes sustainable product data platform and analytics helped Herman Miller address multiple needs:

+ Product data easily searched and filtered by multiple attributes

+ Timely insights into online buyer journeys and preferences
+ Proprietary catalog embedded in their own website, as well as visibility to their product data on all other ecomedes-enabled buyer sites

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When Herman Miller and Knoll announced their industry-shaking M&A in 2021, the expansion of the brand families and doubling of product catalog data needed to be cleansed, organized and synchronized at scale. Their use of the ecomedes platform was critical in these efforts. Within 6 months, all Knoll data was merged and the entire blended family of brands was available on their new, co-branded platform –

They didn’t stop there. In the Spring of 2022, they expanded their Portal to incorporate international skus, more than doubling their visibility and activity from users, showing that the demand for digitalization is global.




Since expansion of their product SKUs into international territory, MK’s saw user growth of 165% indicating the demand for digitized, organized, and environmental building product data at a global scale exists.



Averaging 6,000 digital searches per month on, 
demand for quick access to information continues to prove a growth in maturity to tech within the industry.



MillerKnoll completely eliminated the manual creation of EPS (Environmental Product Summaries) by replacing them with ecomedes digital summaries. Thousands have been accessed since then.

*data reflects a 12-month reporting period

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"Ecomedes is a great tool for Herman Miller because it saves us time and effort. We wanted a one stop shop where all of our information lies and that’s what this company does for us. We feel like ecomedes is a great fit for where we’re trying to go as a company."
- Scott Charon
Sustainability Manager - Design for the Environment Team
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