We believe that enterprises do not have to make a choice between profit and sustainability. We know you can have both.

Our founder Paul (aka Mr. Green Jeans) saw a way to simplify sustainability and scale green buildings faster than previously possible - with software. He brought together top Silicon Valley SaaS pros to make the dream a reality.

We believe that reducing impact is:
Good for business. Good for profit. Good for your career. Good for humanity.

Our Mission

ecomedes helps enterprises reduce costs and impact through optimized product purchasing

Our Vision

Enterprises will increase profit by improving their impact and benefiting the entire market ecosystem

Our Team

Kathleen Egan

CEO / Co-founder

Paul Shahriari

Chief Innovation Officer /

Hung Vo

CTO / Co-founder

Michael Shahriari

Product Owner / Co-founder

Brian Rowe

Architect / Co-founder

Maiah Alman

Customer Success Manager

Abid Saifee

Marni Hoyle

Interim CMO

Carolyn Ginder

Carolyn Ginder

Business and Marketing Development

Abid Saifee

Abid Saifee

Sr Director Product Management

Our Culture

We are a driven team that is motivated to leverage data and scale to support sustainability goals—like the World Economic Forum goal of net zero by 2050. We are passionate, but know passion only goes so far, so we like to say we have passion backed by action. We are doers, sustainability doers. We love data and the power good data gives of our customers and partners. If you love data and sustainable goodness, get in touch. We might have an extra sustainability super hero cape for you.