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Carbon Data is Expanding: Here's How

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Carbon, one of the hottest topics in the Green Building Industry at the moment, is making its way to the ecomedes database. Understanding the amount of carbon that a particular product uses allows teams to place a tangible and more comprehensive metric around the impact to the environment.

Carbon Data enables project teams across the globe to more accurately measure the impact of their project as a whole. It gets the construction industry one step closer to monetizing sustainable practices. So if it’s so useful, why haven't more manufacturers provided the marketplace with this type of information? The answer is, it’s complicated. The process of analyzing the lifecycle of a product, and not just “the product” but the fibers, the plastics, the adhesives, the coloring dye, is time consuming and expensive. In order to do a life cycle analysis you need data. Extremely granular data.

Luckily, being an innovator in the Green Building sector has allowed us to partner with thought leaders and early adopters of this type of analysis. Tarkett, a flooring manufacturer, has recently launched their new Carbon Neutral Initiative to expand their number of carbon neutral products. Tarkett’s Carbon Neutral products, along with other innovators in the space such as Interface, can be found on

Learn more about Tarkett’s expansion in their press release, just launched this morning and already trending on several flooring magazines: Floor Covering WeeklyFloor Trends Magazine


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