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Ecomedes: Your Pathway to Sustainable Procurement and Beyond

In today's market, finding sustainable products is crucial, but verifying its authenticity remains challenging. Our platform simplifies sustainable procurement by providing comprehensive search options, ensuring transparency and informed decisions.

More than just a tool, Ecomedes, Inc. is committed to advancing sustainability in Commercial Real Estate and Construction. With an extensive certification database, we enable businesses to meet evolving market demands.

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In light of the escalating demand for sustainable buildings and tightening regulations, the imperative for investment in retrofitting and future proofing real estate has never been clearer. There is an imbalance of supply versus demand for sustainable commercial spaces, with demand significantly higher in the United States market. As reported by JLL, there is 75% more demand for sustainable commercial space than is available. 

JLL's latest report highlights three critical factors that owners and occupiers must consider in decision-making to create a resilient and sustainable built environment. With only a fraction of future demand for low-carbon workspace currently in the pipeline across major office markets, the need for sustainable buildings is paramount. This shift is reflected in tenants' increasing focus on environmental performance indicators alongside traditional green certifications, signaling a transformative period in the real estate industry's approach to sustainability. The door is now wide open for the entire ecosystem including commercial real estate, manufacturers, and construction companies to fill this void.

Ecomedes offers a space for brands to showcase their products and sustainability data on their own portals, providing a one-stop-shop for design inspiration, data cleansing, and performance evaluation. Users can easily search for products meeting specific sustainability criteria or by design inspiration, making the procurement process seamless. 

Eco Portals on Ecomedes

Explore the Eco Portals on Ecomedes to discover how brands like Matter Surfaces are aligning with sustainability goals. Matter Surfaces' products not only meet aesthetic needs but also contribute to a healthier environment through various certifications and practices.

Declare Certification: The Declare label signifies transparency in building products. It provides information on where a product comes from, what it's made of, and where it goes at the end of its life. Matter Surfaces' products being Declare-certified means that they are committed to using materials that are safe for both human health and the environment, and their supply chain and manufacturing processes are transparent.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): An EPD is a standardized way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle. By having EPDs for their products, Matter Surfaces demonstrates their dedication to reducing their environmental footprint and providing consumers with transparent information about the environmental performance of their products.

FloorScore Certification: This certification ensures that flooring products meet strict indoor air quality requirements. Through FloorScore Matter Surfaces' contributes to healthier indoor environments by emitting low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to human health.

Green Label Plus: Green Label Plus is a certification program for carpet and adhesive products that ensures they meet stringent criteria for low emissions of VOCs. Matter Surfaces' alignment with Green Label Plus certification further confirms their commitment to providing environmentally-friendly products that contribute to better indoor air quality.

Through these certifications, Matter Surfaces not only meets aesthetic needs but also demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This aligns with the broader goals of Ecomedes and reflects a shared dedication to creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

Visit Matter Surface's ecoportal at to see their products, certifications, and more.

In a time of escalating demand for sustainable commercial spaces, Ecomedes, Inc. stands as an indispensable resource. Our mission is clear: to foster sustainability and ensure a thriving planet for generations to come. As a partner for sustainability in the commercial real estate and construction industry, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to meet evolving market demands while advancing environmental stewardship.


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