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From construction through design, Ecomedes, Inc. supports A&D / AEC firms large and small, providing free tools that save them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, from inspiration through documentation. 

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Search + Discover.png

Search + Discover

Find inspiration, fully loaded with information about the project including installation imagery, the team of project contributors, and the products used.

Analyze + Evaluate.png

Analyze + Evaluate

Product tags provide quick actions, including eco data to evaluate certifications and standards at both the product and project level in seconds.

Connect + Collaborate.png

Connect + Collaborate

Collect your ideas and products into digital project boards for collaboration, organization, evaluation and sharing across your project teams.

Score + Document.png

Score + Document

Eco data connects you with deep green product details, documentation and scoring tools that allow you to view products’ compliance with complex rating systems and impact areas in seconds.

Measure + Save.png

Measure + Save

Measure and compare products or entire collections of products at the project-level using ROI calculators that organize thousands of data points to display energy and water savings instantly.


Leading construction + design teams across the industry are using Mortarr and ecomedes to bring efficiencies to their workflow and meet complex ESG requirements in a click. Sustainable never looked so easy.

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