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Tarkett Group is a global leader in commercial flooring and sports surfaces, with 12,000 employees and sales of 1.3 million square meters of flooring every day across 100+ countries. Cradle to Cradle® certified, Tarkett practices their preach through Tarkett Human-Conscious Design®, committing to create products that are good for people and the environment on the daily.



Tarkett Support teams were burdened by increasing number of requests for product sustainability data. Their Sales teams needed a single, well-organized source of digital information. And Tarkett's design community partners were seeking faster ways to document product contributions to rating systems.

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One web-based tool, accessible directly from the Tarkett website, that streamlines sustainable decision making across a wide variety of product data while giving greater marketplace visibility to Tarkett's sustainable offerings.

The new service allows anyone selling or purchasing Tarkett flooring products to search, select, evaluate, compare and document the best sustainable products for their project needs.

Additionally, the expertise of their field sales teams was ramped up to directly handle inquiries with minimal training.

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Tarkett’s impact-aware product catalog delivered across Ecomedes’ buyer networks puts their products in front of thousands every month.



+150 of Tarkett’s product details and environmental data are downloaded month over month, showing Tarkett’s lead in driving more sustainably-conscious building.



Tarkett’s portal has become a daily workflow for its team and A&D buyer networks, with 25% of its users returning to the portal regularly for product information.

Data reflects a 12-month reporting period

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"Designers are looking at thousands of products for every single project they do and those products each can have their own CSI division that has different sustainability certifications or green building standards, so finding all the information in one location can be really difficult.

We help them by making our website easy to access and showing sustainability data using a format that designers really need and can understand."
- Roxanne Spears
VP Sustainability NA
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