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AVA By Novalis: Pioneering Sustainable Vinyl Flooring with Circular Economy Initiatives

Since 1984, Novalis Innovative Flooring has emerged as a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative and sustainable vinyl flooring products. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the AVA range with beautiful designs, high quality products, and sustainable practices.

With their vision “Floors for the Better“, Novalis has based their sustainability strategy on three pillars: Planet, People and Community. Not only is Novalis focusing on water conservation, energy efficiency, biodiversity and circularity, but they are also implementing company-wide policies to create inclusive and safe working spaces that provide both recognition and development opportunities for their employees. Moreover, Novalis is actively contributing to their local communities to enhance the well-being of the people within them.

With AVA, Novalis offers a tailored range, specifically designed for commercial and multi-family spaces with contemporary aesthetics and innovative formats. Committed to product safety, all AVA products adhere to the most stringent standards, especially for VOC and formaldehyde emissions. With certifications such as GREENGUARD Gold, ASSURE, and FloorScore, the company prioritizes reducing harmful chemical usage and continuously improving indoor air quality.

As product transparency and their impact on human and environmental health becomes increasingly important, Novalis has gone beyond certification. Through Health Product Declarations (HPDs), product-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and Declare Labels, the company not only ensures consumer safety, but also fosters transparency across the entire supply chain by providing comprehensive information and promoting transparency

Product: RSRV®

One of the overarching components of Novalis sustainability program is the transition to a circular economy. Though all AVA products are fully recyclable, not many recycling centers are equipped to process vinyl flooring. Novalis is working with industry leaders in North America and Europe to help build programs and infrastructure to facilitate product recycling. The Novalis European team has established a recycling system for post installation and residual LVT scrap, which can be collected and ground into raw material that can be used to manufacture new LVT floors.  Additionally, all AVA products produced at their China plant now include a unique QR code on the back of each piece, linking architects, designers, contractors and end-users to our Digital Product Passport (DPP). This passport enables interested parties to find important product information, including how to remove, repair and/or recycle it at the end of its life. Both of these efforts will divert a significant amount of waste from landfill, thereby reducing green-house gas emissions, energy consumption and water usage.

Product: AVA® MRGE™

Novalis is addressing sustainability challenges with strategic innovations. Their eco-conscious supply chain and leadership in circularity extends beyond their products, positively influencing the entire vinyl flooring industry. You can find AVA products and all of their relevant sustainability information via the AVA website or directly through the ecomedes portal:   


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