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Empower Procurement, A California Energy Commission Initiative

What is Empower Procurement?

Empower Procurement is an initiative of the California Energy Commission, led by Prospect Silicon Valley, aimed at making the DER (Distributed Energy Resources) procurement process easier for buyers and sellers in order to accelerate the adoption of green technologies.

The adoption of technological innovation within a manual process is key to scaling and amplifying the impact of the solution. We have partnered with Empower Procurement to create a platform with buying options that leverage green energy efficient technologies for distributed energy resources (DERs) procurement. The intention of this platform is to give buyers easy access to product performance information that makes the sustainable and efficient choice the obvious one. The technology will allow the initiative to scale across market verticals including k-12 education, local government, small businesses and universities to maximize impact and create state wide adoption of energy efficient technologies.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please reach out to us.

Calling all Energy Sector Sellers:

Public sector clients want your clean energy technologies, and the procurement process holds answers to better reach and engage them. On July 23rd at 2:00 p.m. PST, Empower Procurement will hold an exclusive webinar for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) product and services sellers, and you are invited. Take this opportunity to learn about the Empower Procurement program and the value it can provide to help you increase your sales to public sector buyers, all at no cost to you.


Introducing Empower Procurement Learn about our ProspectSV led, California Energy Commission funded program designed to bridge the gap between California public sector buyers and DER sellers. Buyers' Survey Insights Gain insights into the institutional procurement process through data gathered by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) via a survey designed to capture barriers, opportunities, and key motivations from the Buyers' perspective. Sellers' Survey Insights Gain insights into the institutional procurement process through data gathered by ProspectSV and LBNL via a survey designed to assess the barriers, opportunities, and key motivations from the Sellers’ perspective.


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