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Coverings 2023: Tile and Stone Industry Magic in Sunny Orlando, Florida

If you're in the stone and tile industry, there's one event you simply can't miss: Coverings Trade Show. It looks like this: manufacturers, distributors, architects, designers, and contractors from all over the globe converging in one place. It's like the ultimate rendezvous for industry insiders. But it's not just about rubbing elbows with the best; the Coverings event is where the latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and leading trends in the industry come alive, ready to inspire your next project.

Tile Council of North America

Amid the activity, the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) stood out. These folks take sustainability seriously, razor-focused on the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of their products. They developed the Green Squared® certification program, a gold standard for sustainable manufacturing practices and product characteristics. Green Squared® certified products are evaluated based on their energy use, material sourcing, waste management, and environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. Think of it as a badge of honor for products that pass the sustainability test. Bill Griese, a sustainability expert, took the stage during a panel discussion, shedding light on the power of transparency and offering essential insights and aha moments.

To help manufacturers evaluate the sustainability of their products, TCNA has partnered with Ecomedes—a digital haven of sustainable building materials and products, complete with useful evaluation tools to evaluate environmental impact. Manufacturers can dive deep into the sustainability of their creations, analyzing everything from material composition to energy use, water consumption, and waste generation. Armed with this knowledge, they can embrace improvement and make their products even more environmentally friendly.

The Green Squared® certification program

The Green Squared® certification program and Ecomedes embody TCNA's unwavering commitment to a sustainable tile industry. By setting high standards for manufacturing practices and empowering manufacturers to make eco-conscious choices, TCNA is championing a greener and brighter future.

Natural Stone Institute

We also took a deep dive into natural stone products, learning from the Natural Stone Institute (NSI) and Sarah B Gregg, who simplified the link between sustainability and natural stone. We gained insight into how natural stone can have the power to transform buildings, making them more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint.

When it comes to carbon emissions, the NSI recognizes the impact the natural stone industry can have on the environment and urges its members to adopt sustainable practices. They've partnered with the Natural Stone Sustainability Standard (ANSI/NSC 373), a comprehensive set of sustainability guidelines for natural stone. It's like having a GPS that guides those using stone on the path of responsible quarrying, manufacturing, and carbon reduction.

Next Year's Conference

The Coverings Conference goes above and beyond in its support of the design and construction industries in their sustainable endeavors. It's an eye-opening showcase of the latest sustainable products and strategies, a hub of education and networking opportunities that will leave industry professionals brimming with inspiration.

Mark your calendars because next year's Coverings will be just as epic. From April 22 to 25, 2024, Atlanta, GA, is where anyone seeking a sustainable, innovative, and vibrant tile and stone experience should be.


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