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mindful MATERIALS is the leading non-profit convening people, building a common language, sending a clear market signal, and working to connect and contextualize materials data so each effort goes further than it would alone. The vision is a materials economy that respects and protects the health of all people, communities, and ecosystems



mM is attempting to organize industry-wide standards within a common language, the Common Materials Framework (CMF), to make it easier for every stakeholder.  This herculean task requires a huge amount of data and alignment across the building ecosystem.  


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mindful Materials Product Portal

mindful Materials challenges all stakeholders to imagine a world where:

  • Provide answers to all sustainability requests within the same system

  • Save 1,000s of hours looking up and sharing data

  • Quantify ROI for our sustainability investments, to effectively scale more impact reduction and further investment


Owners + AECs can: 

  • Aligned material requirements that are used across the industry

  • Easily see what products meet these requirements

  • Make substitutions and trade-offs across impact categories easily 

  • Benchmark and optimize project level impacts with better product decisions

  • Educate teams easily about sustainability and its value

Ecomedes partnered with mM in 2022 to build the mM Product Portal which serves as the first proof of concept of a digitized CMF. The mM Product Portal and ecomedes are key resources for comprehensive data helping:


  • Architecture customers who have taken the AIA Pledge

  • Manufacturer members who use the CMF to organize data,

  • Building owners who want to build a better world 

Image by Toa Heftiba

Ecomedes helps mindful MATERIALS to turn data chaos into clarity for product summaries using Impact Buckets:

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mM Page.png
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The built environment's impacts are vast, global, and systemic. To build a more beautiful world, we must consider them all. Let ecomedes help you, as we have helped mindful MATERIALS and 100s of manufacturers.  .  


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