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ClarkDietrich Partners with Ecomedes to Showcase Low Embodied Carbon Products

ClarkDietrich, North America's leading manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing products, has launched a new line of low embodied carbon (LEC) steel framing products. This range, which includes the ProSTUD® metal drywall framing system, structural steel, clips and connectors, and floor framing, marks ClarkDietrich as the first nationwide provider of LEC steel framing products. These products are designed to have a reduced climate impact associated with mining, manufacturing, and transportation, as highlighted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ecomedes Inc. is proud to work with innovators in the construction and sustainability field. ClarkDietrich’s initiative represents a significant step forward in reducing the environmental footprint of the construction industry. By providing transparent and accessible information on the sustainability attributes of their products, ClarkDietrich and Ecomedes empower builders and architects to make more environmentally responsible choices. Visit their ecomedes portal here:

Central to ClarkDietrich’s LEC initiative is the use of steel from electric arc furnace (EAF) mills instead of the more common basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs). This choice reduces the embodied carbon of their products by 30 percent. EAF mills operate by melting down steel scraps with electric currents, a more straightforward process requiring fewer raw materials and production steps than BOF mills, which use natural gas or coal and coke to melt raw iron ore. While ClarkDietrich is committed to decreasing the total embodied carbon in all steel product lines, they also practice collaborative sustainability. By engaging with both EAF and BOF suppliers, they actively support the adoption of environmentally responsible practices across a broader spectrum of steel production processes. BOF mills are currently exploring many ways to produce more sustainable steel, such as Hydrogen Direct Reduction and Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage, and they are excited to engage with these suppliers for the LEC product lines as these technologies become active in the market.

Adam Shoemaker, the Director of Corporate Sustainability at ClarkDietrich, expressed the company’s commitment to sustainability: “As a leading manufacturer of products for the built environment, we have a responsibility to continually increase the sustainable attributes of the products we supply. We’re proud to be an industry leader into this new frontier.”

ClarkDietrich’s LEC products come with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that offers transparency into their manufacturing and supply chain processes. This EPD complies with the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Interim IRA Low Embodied Carbon Material Requirements, placing the products in the top 20 percent for cold-formed and galvanized steel products. They also support private sector LEED projects aiming for low embodied carbon optimization.

This launch underlines ClarkDietrich’s dedication to sustainability and green building. Visit their ecomedes page at This page provides easy access to product-specific information and certifications for green building rating systems such as LEED®, LBC, and WELL.

The new LEC products and their EPD were unveiled at BUILD24 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in March 2024. More information about these products and the EPD can be found on the ClarkDietrich website and ecomedes, where the products are categorized Interior and Exterior Framing, Interior and Exterior Finishing, Floor Framing and Steel and Wood Framing Connectors.

ClarkDietrich’s approach to sustainability emphasizes a balance of environmental impact, resource efficiency, and market responsiveness. By sourcing steel from both EAF and BOF mills, ClarkDietrich ensures a resilient supply chain, mitigates price volatility, and promotes sustainable practices across the steel industry. As market dynamics and technological advancements evolve, ClarkDietrich remains committed to leading by example and continuously innovating to enhance the built environment and beyond.

Learn more about ClarkDietrich products here: 


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