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Company Spotlight: Glasshape

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

An Invisible Touch: Glasshape's strength is clear

By Kate Bachner

Glasshape: Bent Tempered Glass

Colorado State University’s Health and Medical Center, Fort Collins CO

Bennett Wagner Grody Architects now Cannon Design

Glasshape’s bent and curved glass sculpts space in response to the nature that surrounds it. Whether it be the gracefully arched window at the Dow Planetarium or the spiraling staircase of the Colorado State University Health and Medical Center, Glasshape’s surfaces give form to formlessness with only a trace of presence. Light takes center stage, the outdoors are invited indoors, and the interiors feel more spacious.

Glasshape: Bent Tempered IG, Bent Tempered Laminated Panels

Dow Planetarium, Montreal, Quebec

But, Glasshape is not just about aesthetics, it is a structural force. The company specializes in architectural glass, marine glass, security glass, storm glass and transportation and heavy machinery glass. This glass can support buildings, stop bullets, and protect against cyclones. All glass is custom made for its clients, some of which include the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, The Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles (LEED Gold), US & the Locker Room Hotel at Sydney Olympic Park, Australia (4 Star Green Rating, GBC Australia).

The Locker Room Hotel, Sydney Australia

With such a global presence, Glasshape’s emphasis on sustainability is especially important. Their approach is holistic: energy sourcing, water use, partnerships, and lifecycle are all carefully considered to support environmental stewardship. Much of their electricity is provided by offsite wind, hydro, solar, and geothermal energy. Their newly installed rainwater catchment system minimizes reliance on municipal water and allows water to be reused during the manufacturing process. Likewise, 98%-100% of the company’s glass waste escapes the landfill — and is repurposed by their partnership with 5R solutions. For Glasshape, transparency is everything. From their malleable, crystalline materials to their total, lucid sustainability plan, they help to build architecture upon the virtue of clarity.


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