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Company Spotlight: Isomi

Updated: Jan 10

Green Formalism:

Sustainability is at the core of Isomi’s Design

By Kate Bachner

In the realm of contemporary furniture design, Isomi stands out as one of the leaders in modular innovation and customization. Their solid surface reception desks and office furniture are crafted to offer dynamic and adaptable solutions for a diversity of spaces. Though Isomi allows for flexibility, their aesthetic is minimalist; their solid surfaces are self-contained, strong, and composed of few materials. It is this combination that provides the foundation for Isomi’s sustainability program.

IsomI: Blok Desk in Copper

Inherent in Isomi’s formalism is their commitment to circularity. Durability is one of the key components of Isomi’s brand. Their materials have been intentionally selected to last. Their warm woods, authoritative steel, smooth stone, and other materials are chosen for their longevity. In fact, their lifespan is so long that they often outlast commercial tenancy agreements. As a result, Isomi put a reuse program into effect. If a tenant relocates and doesn’t want to take their Isomi furniture with them, the company will collect their pieces free of charge and repurpose them.

IsomI: Join Desk in Wood

In addition to resilient materials, Isomi pays close attention to their sourcing. All of their wood is FSC certified. This is no small feat. The Forest Stewardship Council is the gold standard for responsible forest management. Forests that meet FSC criteria have to ensure biodiversity, careful felling, water protection, and the use of non hazardous pesticides and herbicides. The design community often extols the sustainable attributes of wood, however wood is only sustainable if sourced properly. Isomi’s use of FSC wood is a testimony to their commitment to ecological responsibility.

Isomi: Join Desk in Stone

Isomi epitomizes how design innovation and sustainability are intertwined. Their minimalist forms coupled with their durable materials reduces waste and helps their fabricators streamline the manufacturing process. What isn’t used is recycled and what can be eliminated is. Isomi is continuously striving to make their company more eco-conscious. They are in the process of creating EPDs and carving out a path towards carbon neutrality. We are excited to see how their sustainability journey evolves!


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