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Sustainability Snapshot | September 2023

We have exciting updates to share regarding new clients, information on changes we are witnessing in how CRE owners address ESG, and exciting new team members:

New Whitepaper, A Comprehensive Guide for Manufacturers

Navigating the complex world of sustainable certifications is a challenge for everyone in the ecosystem. Manufacturers have a special challenge because for them, it is not optional. They must meet the rapidly evolving needs, or risk losing customers and business.

We have crafted an in-depth overview for manufacturers that provides insights into emerging trends, certifications, and best practices, helping manufacturers win modern CRE customers.

Celebrating New Customer Launches

We’re excited about the momentum of adding brands. Recent launches include leaders like Steelcase, and Isomi. Lonseal and Florim are soon to follow.

Get Inspired With the Mortarr Platform

We’re excited to announce our new product catalog feature - which enables designers on the Mortarr site to discover and evaluate sustainable products from multiple brands in one convenient location.

Building Our Team

We are over the moon to have added several world-class team members to our crew. We celebrated the new people with an Astrophysics themed happy hour, complete with their favorite images from the Webb Telescope:

  • Layne - Recent grad from one of our favorite programs, the #UCSB environmental policy school. Layne is a wiz at analytics, G4, leads our digital marketing solution, and manages our interns. Also has a great cut back.

  • Evan - Green building pro practitioner coming out of the great Pepper Construction, created more LEED forms than Peter Templeton, and is known to attend 3 concerts in one weekend!

  • Tal - Our fearless captain for space exploration, a top notch data engineer who ingests and cleanses 100+ data sources before breakfast, long distance biker and bird watcher.

  • Greg - account exec coming out of Autodesk,, drummer, hiker, holding down the CO office with at least on flannel shirt per week. Prefers Star Trek to Star Wars with a passion (but we love him anyway).


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