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Sustainability Snapshot | Q3 2023

We’ve been hard at work and have some exciting updates to share regarding our clients, the ever-evolving sustainability market, and a game-changing record we broke this month:

Greenbuild - Wavemakers II

This year at GreenBuild we are once again bringing together a group of sustainability thought leaders, deep thinkers, and industry leaders for a dinner and drinks Tuesday night, Sept 26th after the welcome cocktail party. It will be walking distance from the show. If you would like to get an exclusive invitation, talk to your Ecomedes representative.

So many new Sustainability Portals!!

Over the past few months, we have launched 11 new portals. We had a run on the “data bank” (the good kind) leading up to Neocon. Thanks to our tireless team and in particular, to CTO Hung Vo! Recent launches include leaders like: Mannington, Dauphin, FabriTrak, Isomi, Haworth, Milliken, Garden on the Wall, Matter Surfaces, Indian Furniture, and the top two interior designer associations ASID and IIDA.

Introducing Cloning (not Star Wars!)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Cloning, designed to streamline and enhance your sustainability journey. Cloning empowers you to replicate and adapt sustainability strategies, projects, and assessments across multiple locations or portfolios effortlessly. Save time, optimize efficiency, and maintain consistent sustainability standards throughout your organization. Stay tuned for more detailed information on Cloning, including tutorials and case studies, in our upcoming communication.

Making waves - double entendre!

As we were planning for GreenBuild 2023, we took a ride down memory wave back to our groundbreaking event at GreenBuild 2022. We had the honor to host industry

leaders like Annie Beavan of Mindful Materials, John Strassner of ASID as well as team members from brand partners. The comradery and sharing of best practices was inspiring! We aim to keep riding that momentum all the way to the beach!. There are no waves in DC so we will be substituting a delicious dinner and cocktails but rest assured that we will be convening folks to get OUTSIDE and enjoy nature, a big inspiration for our work.


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