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Wallcoverings and Indoor Air Quality - A Spotlight on Len-Tex Wallcoverings

According to the Indoor Air Quality blog, Airbroom, wall-coverings can be a significant source of hazardous chemical compounds known as VOCs. The VOCs found in wallpaper include formaldehyde and vinyl chloride, and vinyl chloride has been established as a known human carcinogen. It’s important to note that new wallpaper can be as much as 4 times as bad as new carpet, as far as VOC’s are concerned, because of the large surface area of the walls as compared to floors.

Len-Tex, a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of beautiful yet durable wall-coverings, has been addressing this problem since 1983 with advanced production technologies for their wallcovering products that promote indoor air quality (IAQ). Their unique Clean Vinyl TechnologyTM formulation addresses health concerns often associated with the chemicals found in traditional vinyl and contributes to achievement of LEED credits for building projects. In addition, their implementation of an antimicrobial, Ultra-Fresh, provides protection from bacterial growth and the associated odors and stains that can otherwise accumulate with wall coverings over time. Most recently, Len-Tex measured and verified the sum of their health and environmental efforts, and their benefits, through GreenCircle Certification.

In addition to great color, design, and durability, Len-Tex commitment to sustainability is supported by third-party certifications and independent laboratory testing that builds our consumer confidence, and Len-Tex is an active member of the Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative. To facilitate the selection of healthy wallcoverings, Len-Tex and ecomedes have partnered to help owners, designers and specifiers select Len-Tex wallcovering designs via certification and label filters (Green Circle, SCS Indoor Advantage, etc.) and product rating systems (GBI, LEED, USGBC etc.). The ecomedes listing compiles all Len-Tex product information – design specifications, certifications and sustainability documents in one location, and by using the ecomedes LEED calculator, project managers can quickly determine how Len-Tex Wallcoverings will contribute to various LEED points.

Len-Tex is leading the industry with a commitment to transparency and health coupled with great design. Check out the Len-Tex offerings on ecomedes today.


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