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With a Little Help From My Friends

Updated: Jun 11

By: Kate Bachner

USGBC California and Creating a Sustainable Building Community

Trying to make the built environment more sustainable can oftentimes feel like an isolating uphill battle. Though I am reminded every day of the amazing manufacturers pushing eco-conscious design forward on Ecomedes, much of the news is filled with discouraging one sided reporting that can be depleting. However a few weeks ago while attending USGBC California, this defeatist narrative was flipped upside down as I saw an entire conference hall bustling with environmentalists, innovators and activists all devoted to making sustainable building the prevailing standard.

Courtesy of USGBC California


As I walked around the hall, I visited booths demonstrating cutting edge advances in building materials and technology. Some of which included solar panels that could coat an entire building, engineered wood bound together by soy based glue, and furniture manufacturers such as Allsteel that not only eliminates thousands of chemicals of concern but prioritizes circularity and indoor air quality.

Courtesy of USGBC California


I spoke with inspiring companies like ESG consulting firm, Verdani that works with real estate owners to create sustainable building portfolios. I attended presentations on resiliency, biophilia, carbon reduction, and circularity, all of which were packed with people. I also ran a discussion on how to find building products that met third party certifications using Ecomedes. Attendees included interior designers, architects, and developers, all eager to learn how to build better.

I left the conference feeling supported and inspired. The sustainable building community is strong and thriving. I realized just how important it was to find others fighting the good fight and championing a future where we live in harmony with our environment. It's important that we stick together, see the greater picture, and keep going!


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