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Solutions to fit your every need. Each package provides different levels of features from Data Management, all the way up to ecoPortals and product catalogs.

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Get our Data Management Services (DMS) with a multi-brand or large (100+) ecoPortal product catalog tailored for large enterprises.

  • Up to 4 brands/business units

  • 100+ Products

  • Branded Portal

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Data Management

  • Automated EcoData

  • Monthly Data Updates

  • 36 Hour Client Onboarding

  • 8 Hours of Training

  • 24 Hours of Support

  • Mortarr Profile

Starting Price (3-year Contract): $60,000

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Get our Data Management Services (DMS) with a single brand ecoPortal product catalog tailored for small boutique brands.

  • 1 brand/business unit

  • Up to 100 Products

  • Branded Portal

  • Standard Analytics

  • Data Management

  • Automated EcoData

  • Quarterly Data Updates

  • 12 Hour Client Onboarding

  • 4 Hours of Training

  • 12 Hours of Support

  • Mortarr Profile

Starting Price (3-year Contract) :




Data Management Services (DMS)

Streamline certification mapping and consolidating data, ensuring up-to-date and relevant product information.

  • 1 brand/business unit

  • Up to 250 products

  • Basic Analytics

  • Data Management

  • Automated EcoData

  • Bi-Annual (2) Data Updates

  • 6 Hours Client Onboarding

  • 2 Hours of Training

  • 6 Hours of Support

  • Mortarr Profile

Starting Price (3-year Contract): $12,000



  • Equip sales reps to confidently address sustainability questions.

  • Increase the visibility and understandability of your sustainable products.

  • Transform sustainability into a competitive advantage.


Talk to us for a comprehensive solution that meets all your enterprise needs.




User-friendly, robust platform that serves as a central hub for managing sustainability data and certifications. Designed to streamline processes and enhance user experience, making sustainability management more efficient and accessible.



The platform supports an extensive range of products, allowing users to easily navigate and manage information related to their sustainable product offerings. This feature is key for manufacturers and buyers in making informed decisions about eco-friendly products.


Branded Portal

Customizable, branded portal for each client. This personalized space allows businesses to showcase their sustainable products and practices, enhancing their brand image and making their sustainability efforts more visible and engaging.



Get advanced analytics capabilities, giving users deep insights into the performance and impact of their sustainable products. This feature aids in tracking progress, understanding market trends, and making data-driven decisions.


Data Management

Ecomedes excels in data management, offering a comprehensive solution for organizing, storing, and managing sustainability-related data. This feature is crucial for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information, essential for compliance and reporting.


Automated EcoData

This streamlines the process of updating and managing eco-data. The platform automatically integrates new information, reducing manual effort and ensuring the latest sustainability data is always available.


Data Updates

Ecomedes regularly updates its database to ensure users have access to the most current information. This ongoing maintenance is vital for the accuracy and reliability of sustainability data.


Client Onboarding

We offer a structured onboarding process for new clients. This includes guidance and resources to help users quickly become proficient in utilizing the platform’s features and capabilities.



Get access to comprehensive training sessions to ensure users can effectively utilize all aspects of the platform. This educational component is key to maximizing the platform’s benefits and ensuring clients are well-equipped to manage their sustainability data.



The platform offers robust support services to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter. This includes technical support, customer service, and expert advice on sustainability management.


Mortarr Profile

In partnership with Mortarr, Ecomedes offers a profile feature that allows clients to showcase their sustainable projects and products on the Mortarr platform, enhancing visibility and networking opportunities within the sustainability community.

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