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How Products End Up On Ecomedes' Portals

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

So your brand is listed on and you’ve never even heard of eco…who? How is that even possible?!

Don’t worry, we got you!

ecomedes pulls in data directly from brands that are current customers, but we ALSO get data straight from the source: environmental certification bodies. Every month, quarter, or year the companies that certify products (think BIFMA's LEVEL or ILFI's Declare to name a few), send us a list of alllll the products that they've certified. For example, your flooring product has an EPD that was certified with UL Environment and every month, UL sends us that certificate and any other details they have such as brand name, product name, description etc. Notice that there’s no image? Sometimes the certifying bodies don’t have or don’t include that, which is why it’s missing from the site.

Still confused? This diagram may help:

Want to check out where your data came from? Hover over any of the data and it will list the source and the date it came into the system:

Have questions about how to change your listings? We’d love to chat! Schedule some time with our team.

See you online!

- Maiah


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