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Welcoming GreenCircle Certified to Ecomedes

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

As Chevron has come to find out, businesses today can no longer get away with claims of sustainability that can not be substantiated, aka “greenwashing”. But with so many different ecolabels to consider for certification and the considerable investment involved to obtain certifications, some manufacturers are now seeking a single source for centralized, unbiased assistance with the certification process across multiple dimensions of sustainability.

Enter GreenCircle Certified. After encountering many unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace, Tara and Tad Radzinski founded GreenCircle Certified in 2009 to help manufacturers address market skepticism, provide certified transparency about their products, and substantiate their true commitment to sustainability.

Today, manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, occupants, and consumers can trust that GreenCircle Certified products and operations claims have been thoroughly assessed and verified to applicable standards.

Now included as a certification search filter in ecomedes, GreenCircle Certified has certifications for over 4750 products along the dimensions of Recycled Content, Closed Loop Lifecycle, Energy Savings, BioBased Content, Recyclable Material, and Optimized LCA. They also serve as official certifiers for the material ingredient reporting verification behind HPD, Declare and their own Manufacturing Inventory Verification label. And to make life even easier for the manufacturer, they have developed their own CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL FACTS (CEF) LABEL that acts as a kind of certified nutrition label for building products.

The addition of GreenCircle Certified will add to the depth of sustainability data provided by the ecomedes catalog and bring even more attention to the hard work that GreenCircle and their customers have put into building trust in sustainable product claims. Check out their additions here.


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